Welcome to Your Healthy School Garden Wiki!

  • You will use this Wiki to record the information you gather during your WebQuest project:“The Healthiest Vegetable Garden in School”

  • Your “Garden Design” team will research which healthy vegetables can be planted in the cold climate of your school yard.

  • You will be given a series of websites where you can find the information you need, and your team will follow the steps in the WebQuest to complete the project.

  • Your “Garden Design" team” will select the best plants to grow and you will create a garden design that includes these plants.

  • Using PowerPoint, your team will present your design to the school principal, proposing why your design should win “The Healthiest Vegetable Garden in School” award.

Our Hardiness Zone

Before you begin step 1, agree on a name for your “Garden Design” team, and use this name on all documents and projects submitted in this WebQuest. Then follow the tasks within each step in the order they are listed:

1. Do you know what the word “hardiness” means? Define the word “hardiness” from the online dictionary at:

2. Explore the National Garden Association website and the USDA Hardiness Zone Finder at , and answer the following questions in the discussion area of this page:

3. What are zone maps?

4. The USDA Hardiness Zone Map divides North America into how many separate zones?

5. What is the USDA Hardiness Zone of:

· Miami, Florida?

· Minneapolis, Minnesota?

· Our school?

6. Why do gardeners need to know what their hardiness zone is?

7. Post your answers 1-6 in the discussion area on this page.

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Created by Donna Alese Cooke 2011